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Why should I hire a videographer?

When you revisit your parents' wedding pictures don't you wish you could see a film version of them? Hear the laughters, watch the cheering and the smiles and feel like you were right there? That's what wedding films do. Every time you watch them you are reliving every sweet and wonderful bit of your wedding day. And when I speak to married couples they often say their wedding day is a blur. We are here to tell the story of your day.

Where are you based?

We are based in Richmond, Virginia and serve the Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and DC area. We charge a small travel fee for weddings outside of our 20 mile radius.

We love to travel! Message us about international travels as well.

How do we book you?

If you love what we do and want to hire us for your wedding, message us about our date availability! From there we will send you a Contract, an Invoice and a Client Questionnaire. You can choose to send us a check by mail or make a deposit payment through this page.

Can we meet you before our wedding day?

Absolutely! We love meeting our clients before the wedding to answer questions and get to know one another. That way the day of the wedding we are already familiar with each other. To remain safe through out the Covid-19 pandemic, we like to meet through Zoom or Skype at your convenience.

When will I receive my wedding films?

You will receive a sneak peak within 48h of the wedding that you can share on social media with your friends and family. You will then receive your wedding film within 5 weeks of the wedding. Yes we are quick and want you to relive your amazing wedding day as soon as possible!

Can we have access to the raw footage?

Unfortunately no. The footage we capture is often shot in raw and 4K meaning that the files are enormous. The images are also shot with a flat color profile that we then color grade for the best results. We select the best images so don't worry you are not missing out!

Can we choose our own song?

We only select licensed music for your wedding film from our favorite sites. We really love dreamy, quirky, rhythmic songs but we like your input and ask what your music style is in our Client Questionnaire.

How many videographers  and cameras do you use?

Depending on what package you book you either get one or two videographers. We always recommend couples to book the the CORAL PACKAGE for larger weddings as two videographers means more coverage, different angles and we really catch every little moment! With the one videographer package we use an extra camera that we setup on a tripod during the ceremony. We really wanted to give a more accessible option for our couples that love our films and really want to book us.

How much is the deposit and when do I pay the balance?

We require a 40% deposit to book us and secure your date. The remainder of the balance will need to be paid one week before the wedding.

Do you set up distracting lighting?

We love to use natural light as we like to create cinematic documentary style wedding films. We just want to show how and what actually happened on your special day without staging anything. We have state of the art camera equipment that captures beautifully in low light.

Do you record the audio of the ceremony and speeches?

Yes we do! we use lavelier mics, portable recorder and zoom mics.

Will you get in the way a lot?

No you will barely notice us! We want to interfere as little as possible while we shoot the magic! During Covid-19 we try to stay as far away as we can by using our zoom lenses. The only moment we like to pull you away is to capture  the two of you alone after the ceremony. This usually happens right after your family photo sessions.

What's the difference between your packages?

The biggest difference between our packages are the number of videographers, the amount of hours covered and the length of the final wedding film. Check out our three packages, the CORAL, the BANANA LEAF and the FERN on the pricing page.

What's a sneak peak video?

The sneak peak video is what most of your online community will see. It is sweet and short and perfect for sharing on facebook, instagram and even through emails and messaging. It is a condensed version of your wedding film. We like to use that version for our online portfolio.

Do you work well with vendors?

Yes we love working with our wedding community. We are all here to support each other and collaborate. We ask early on for a list of your vendors so we can reach out and say hi. We especially love working with photographers as we will work closely together through out the day. We always have such a blast and never get in the way of one another.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes we ask to be fed as we will be with you the whole day. We love to be mixed in with guests and chat about how wonderful and cool you all are but also don't mind eating separately.

How long have you been filming weddings?

I have been filming weddings for 4 years! I'm in the honeymoon phase and absolutely love it! I have been a professional videographer for 14 years, doing promotional work, music videos, short fictions, event videography and documentaries. I went to Film School in France (where I grew up), went to the New York Film Academy, did a photography program in Switzerland and worked in the Film and Tv industry for years. I am also part of the local film union wher I grip on major motion picture films that come to town. All my different film backgrounds help me create unique and creative wedding stories. 

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